FRS pollywog

Free Range Strange is an organic, poly-rooted string band. Focusing on original material while infusing traditional folk, modern bluegrass, old time blues and country. 

From the street corner to the main stage, Free Range Strange lives up to its name. They have shared the stage with a variety of artists, such as; John Kadlecik, Rumpke Mountain Boys, the Main Squeeze and more. While playing Local Breweries Nation-wide, FRS has also performed many festivals along the east coast including Orange Blossom Jamboree(FL), Wormtown Music Festival(MA), John Hartford Memorial Festival(IN), and Soulshine Farm Music Festival(NC).

With the love of music and travel you can find Free Range Strange anywhere and everywhere as they pursue their dream. State to state, show to show, their always on the road.


Timber (guitar, vocals)

Timber, a Kentucky-Fried Chicago native, whose songs are in plenty, with more perpetually on the way. He attributes his from-the-heart style partly to what he calls, “an education on the Road”. From hitchhiking to freight trains, Dead Tours and Rainbow Gatherings, it’s exactly what he got. A self-taught guitarist, Timber traveled for many years, writing songs along the way, honing his skills on guitar and mandolin. Free Range Strange is a very fitting outfit for his on the go life and honest musical preference.







Sunnie Rae (ukulele, guitar, vocals)
Sunnie Rae (ukulele, guitar, vocals)

 Sunnie Rae from Sarasota, FL was raised in a music loving family, attending pickin’ circles, campfires, music festivals ever since she can remember. Taking piano lessons, music theory, and choir all throughout school she would direct her musical dream into a folk singer/musician picking up guitar and ukulele and focusing on songwriting. In the year 2013 she recorded a solo album “Sunnie Rae; First Release” featuring her brother (JT Click) on lead guitar. Aside from music, Sunnie brings out her crafty side, handmaking merch and artwork for the band.






Heidi Jane (bass, vocals)
Heidi Jane (bass, vocals)

Heidi Jane from Rochester, NY plucks her unique and original one string bass drum stand up. After starting out with a wash tub bass, she decided to make her own. Fit and made custom to her she plays her bass like no other with her enchanting Siren-like voice.